Government to Inaugurate Golra Mor Underpass

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The government has inaugurated the project of construction work of remodelling and improving golra mor underpass. The construction project has been awarded to a private company with a total cost of Rs 717 million and is funded by NHA.

This project will solve the long-standing issues of underdeveloped sectors of the I series and connect them with the main city via Kashmir Highway. It will also ease the traffic flow on the G.T. Road. At present, the government is concentrating on infrastructure development projects to improve the quality of life of the people. Projects like the Leh expressway, Rawalpindi ring road, and 10th avenue highway are the most important projects which will enhance living standards. These projects will improve economic connectivity and road transport between the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad. 

Infrastructure plays an important role in the elevation of the country. Roads and inexpensive transport facilities increase faster transportation of goods and services, which are very important to boost the economy and uplift poverty by creating job opportunities for citizens. 

A recent boost in spending on public infrastructure is positively impacting the commercial property sector. People get attracted to areas where community facilities are being developed, and this generally results in higher house prices and increased potential for long-term capital growth, as demand is likely to remain consistent in the future.

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