How Entertainment Cities can Help Boost Tourism in Pakistan

How Entertainment Cities can Help Boost Tourism in Pakistan

Over the last few decades, travel demand has increased worldwide. While many people travel for business, many travels for leisure and to learn about other cultures. They seek entertainment, and every country has its speciality and traditions. Many countries have made special areas known as ‘entertainment cities’, filled with restaurants, shopping centres, cinemas, performances, theme parks, rides, and other entertainment activities. Residents often see entertainment areas as bad venues as they can be noisy and congested. However, their social value is being reappraised. Entertainment is an essential factor of vibrant places, and creating a designated area for entertainment is an innovative idea and a win-win situation for everyone. Moreover, it is a means to attract tourists as they seek entertainment the most. 

Even though many people have inclined towards the modern life of virtual reality and streaming online, entertainment cities and theme parks remain popular. There are three main advantages of an entertainment city which are: 


In an entertainment city, all recreational activities are in one place or within the same vicinity. One can enjoy the rides, have food, watch movies, shop, and relax afterwards. All of this can be done without driving and navigating traffic, and spending time looking for places. 


Even though tourists spend on leisure while travelling, they consider affordability and entertainment cities comparatively more affordable than individual destinations. Firstly, the travelling cost is saved, and locals do not have to go too far off places yet still have a good time. Tourists appreciate entertainment cities because such places are not tourist traps, nor are they prohibitively expensive. It is economical for locals and foreigners and one way to enjoy a cost-friendly vacation. 


Whether an entertainment city has a small or large space, it is designed to be comfortable, and there is no such dress code to visit. One can be casual, have dinner at a nice restaurant, and catch a movie or play later. Most such areas have open-air spaces, including green spaces, benches and patios. It provides a relaxing environment, and along with entertainment, tourists can be comfortable and relaxed. 

Currently, in Pakistan, tourism has a lot of potentials, and a lot of development is being done to attract tourists worldwide. It is an affordable country where anyone can visit and spend leisure time. However, there are barely any specific entertainment cities in the country. The development authorities are working on construction plans for entertainment cities in major cities of Pakistan. It will feature a range of facilities, including amusement parks, sports, festivities, shopping areas, cinemas and theatres, and restaurants. It will create several job opportunities and contribute to an increase in employment.

Moreover, it will boost economic and tourist activity in Pakistan. An entertainment city has a lot of potential in Pakistan as it will be something new for the country’s population and affordable for international tourists. By collaborating with private investors, the government can develop such spaces for entertainment and tourism while generating revenue and stimulating economic growth. 

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