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Lahore Shahkam Chowk Flyover Opened for Traffic

By 14/07/2022 0 Comments

The government has opened Shahkam Chowk Flyover for traffic, providing ease to mobility at Link Canal Road, Defence Road, and Shahkam Intersection. The major development work on the flyover has almost been completed and both sides of the flyover have been opened for traffic. Only the minor work is pending now which will be completed side by side with the continuation of traffic.                                                                                                                     

The project was launched in July last year with an estimated cost of Rs 4.233 billion. The land for the construction of the flyover was transferred to the contractor in November last year. The Flyover will play a significant role in alleviating the traffic congestion problems faced by people in Lahore. By providing a signal-free road, it will help to ease the flow of traffic and make commuting much easier for residents. Moreover, the flyover will also have a positive impact on property prices in the areas surrounding it.

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