Opening of China’s Tourism and Its Impact on Pakistan

Opening of China's tourism and its impact on Pakistan

After three years of the global pandemic, China has lifted the foreign travel restrictions. Previously, people couldn’t leave and enter the country without quarantine. Opening China’s borders for quarantine-free travel is a positive sign for Pakistan, and Pakistan has extensively prepared to welcome Chinese tourists. China is gradually expanding their international flights within the Asia-Pacific region, which will increase China-Pak tourism. Pakistan has a lot of potentials to become one of the world’s best travel destinations, and visitors from China will positively impact Pakistan’s tourism industry of Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan also identified tourism as a key priority to boost economic growth and revenue. Over the past few years, numerous tourism activities have been carried out between the two countries. China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor (CPEC) has also played an important role in transforming Pakistan’s tourism industry as it improved access to different tourist sites and business hubs. The new and improved infrastructure and high-quality development will further establish tourism zones, unique hotels and resorts along with routes of CPEC. Moreover, it will attract Chinese investors, resulting in a better relationship between the two countries. The wonderful relationship can be capitalised on as more Chinese nationals will visit the famous and historical sites in Pakistan this year. It will significantly boost the tourism sector, leading to more employment opportunities, more revenue and better economic stability.

The government of Pakistan must prepare to welcome Chinese visitors as their presence will be essential for the tourism sector. It is critical to improve the road network for tourism promotion. Moreover, better quality hotels must be provided to the visitors. Moreover, since China is already investing in Pakistan, the hospitality and tourism sector can further attract foreign investors, which will boost economic growth as Pakistan needs foreign reserves. China’s lifting of the restrictions will positively impact Pakistan in many ways, and it will be a win-win situation for both nationals.

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