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A Policy Research Institute.

Chairman's Message

Pakistan is a country enriched with the chances of prosperity and development if worked upon in the right way.
In the current circumstances, intelligent policy design and its effective implementation is the one fix that Pakistan needs.
Moreover, it is important to harness technology and innovation to fix Real Estate which is the second biggest employment sector in Pakistan, after agriculture, to boost the economic growth of our country. Through our Institute, we hope to fulfill this need of the hour and take Pakistan one step ahead of its game through effective policymaking and the implementation of AI and Blockchain in order to attain sustainable development.

Shafiq Akbar

CEO Imarat Group

President's Message

Research and development is a proven catalyst to effective policy making and development in any sector.

 Inter alia nations have seen holistic progress as a result of policies that support growth and synergy in utilization of national resources. Imarat Institute of Policy Studies provides a platform for research and formulation of policies that can earnestly contribute to national development of Pakistan. 

Pakistan needs to effectively harness and mobilize its resources to address growing challenges. Our research and policy advocacy has to be essentially based on our sociopolitical ground realities and not on alien solutions. IIPS intends to focus on development of policies that take into account these essential factors. Youth needs to be engaged in economic activities as they make up the majority segment of our population. This all can best be done with accurate data and use of technology for result oriented strategies. 

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board operates towards the realization of IIPS’s vision by providing professional input and facilitating the planning with external stakeholders, without getting involved in corporate affairs. The IIPS Advisory Board is headed by Lt. Gen. Muhammad Haroon Aslam (R) in the capacity of President and consists of seasoned professionals from different fields of life

IMARAT Institute of Policy Studies

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