Building in Kasur Among World’s Greenest Structures

Building in Kasur
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Building in Kasur

Under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green rating system, the US Green Building Council (USGBC) has ranked the Interloop factory in Kasur as one of the seven most environment-friendly buildings in the world. LEED is a rating system that is used to measure the environmental sustainability of a building. It is a credible system as it has been used to measure the rating of more than 11,000 buildings, on over 24 billion square feet of area.

Globally, the construction industry practices are shifting from conventional building types towards greener, sustainable, and energy efficient buildings. Considering this shift, today governments and markets around the world prioritize green buildings and infrastructure. To measure the sustainability of green buildings, LEED certification was initiated to categorize occupied buildings based on a green building rating system. Currently, only over 50 buildings have received the platinum status in the certification system, with the interloop factory in Kasur being amongst the top 10.

The interloop factory in Kasur has some notable features which earned them the title of being one of the greenest buildings in the world. The factory is spread across 574,229 square feet, with more than 30% of the building dedicated to green space. The green space consists of a planned urban forest that will consist of 3000 trees in the coming years. To reduce its carbon emissions, the building has installed solar panels and rice husk boilers, cutting up to 30% of its energy costs.

Based on the nine different indicators that are used by LEED to measure the sustainability of a building, the USGBC gave the interloop factory a score of 85 out of 110.

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