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CDA Installs 80,000ft. Pipelines to Improve Availability of Water

By 05/11/2021 March 25th, 2022 0 Comments

Islamabad has a severe water management crisis which is aggravated by the dilapidated pipelines and water infrastructure in place. Citizens have been affected the most by this crisis as people struggle to get a steady supply of running water. Capital Development Authority (CDA) receives the highest number of complaints regarding water shortages from almost every area of the city, which shows the widespread nature of the problem.

Recently, CDA has installed a new network of supply lines sprawling over 80,000 feet in different sectors to ensure availability of water. One of the leading causes of water shortage is water wastage through inefficient infrastructure like punctured or low-quality pipes. Considering this, CDA has started to repair the damaged and worn-out pipelines in the city’s water infrastructure, by repairing them or replacing them with new ones. Up till now, CDA has repaired 450 outdated and damaged pipelines. This will help conserve 8-9 million gallons of water.

The entire water infrastructure upgradation initiative is budgeted at 600 million by the CDA. If the entire budget is provided, all the pipelines would be fixed in Islamabad in the current season.

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