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China to Establish Agricultural Zones in Okara District

By 22/11/2021 March 25th, 2022 0 Comments

To enhance agricultural cooperation between Pakistan and China, a conceptual launch of the Pak-China Friendship Farm has taken place. Okara has been chosen for the formulation and materialization of the Pak-China friendship farm. According to this project, Okara will be turned into a solar city and an industrial park will also be set up.

The Pak-China Friendship Farm is designed and strategized in consultation with agro-based Chinese companies, Pakistani farmers, and traders. It will help tap all the unexplored avenues in the digital and corporate areas of the agriculture sector. The initiative is to provide a chance to Pakistani and Chinese traders and farmers together to lay the foundation of modern agriculture in Pakistan. With joint efforts, both Chinese enterprises and Okara agriculturists can shape up the farm into a physical platform for the ground-breaking of their agricultural joint ventures. Pakistani farmers are going to be the main beneficiaries of innovative agricultural advancements, digitalization, intercropping, seed technology, and hybrid crop mechanism.

China has many technologies suitable for crops in Pakistan, including compound planting, smart agriculture, water-saving irrigation, and greenhouses. With the help of agricultural machinery and materials, Pakistan should go for green pesticides and organic fertilizers to reduce pollution from agricultural non-point sources. Pakistan should make good use of e-commerce channels and strengthen commercial promotions and marketing strategies to inform the Chinese market about its high-quality agricultural products. Further measures to improve transportation, product packaging, inspection, and quarantine regulations are also needed.

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