Cost of Running Motorways Increased by Rs. 20 Billion

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According to the National Highway Authority (NHA), the cost of running motorways across the country has increased by Rs 20 billion. Members of the Standing Committee on Communications in the National Assembly have raised objections to the economic sustainability of the motorways constructed previously. Affordable road construction is becoming more common and convenient, but the government continues to invest in cost-inefficient methods costing the public exchequer billions of rupees.

The NHA has also been questioned for the lack of facilities on motorways across the country. According to officials in the NHA, items continue to be sold for a higher rate, starting from Rs 50,000 to Rs 250,000. The committee in the National Assembly has requested the NHA to take steps to control the prices. It also highlighted the deteriorating road quality of the M-9 motorway and a lack of availability of basic amenities and services. A safe, sound, and proper road infrastructure is key to maintaining a healthy supply chain and logistics for local businesses and the overall economy.

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