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Government Announces New Auto Policy

By 26/10/2021 March 25th, 2022 1 Comments

To enhance the annual production of automobiles in Pakistan, the government plans to increase production from the existing 250,000 units to about 6-8 million units. During the Pakistan Automobile Industry Roundtable Conference held at Pakistan’s embassy in Beijing, numerous experts highlighted the existing potential of Pakistan’s auto industry.

Pakistan’s growing automobile industry has managed to attract the attention of international investors, particularly from China. Recently, 10 new companies from China have planned to invest in the country’s automobile sector. Usually, these companies can invest in local automobile companies through joint ventures.

To tap the potential of Chinese and other foreign investments in Pakistan’s automobile sector, the government has announced the formulation of a new automobile sector policy that will offer several concessions and incentives to foreign investments. The upcoming investments in the sector will involve the establishment of automobile manufacturing units in the greenfield and brownfield categories.


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