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Government of Sindh to Regularise Illegal Buildings

By 05/12/2021 March 25th, 2022 0 Comments

The Government of Sindh has introduced an ordinance to regularise illegal buildings including housing units allegedly built on encroached lands. The ordinance aims to provide relief to people as the demolition of buildings is likely to cause human tragedy and suffering. The Sindh Commission for Regularisation of Construction Ordinance 2021, has been promulgated to the Provincial Assembly which will later be converted into law.

There are hundreds of housing projects that have been declared fake and illegal by the government, but people continue to invest in those projects. The Sindh Provincial Government has also decided to charge a penalty amount from the owners of the buildings as a regularization fee. Once the owners of such structures pay the charges, these buildings would not face the risk of demolition.

Recently, the Supreme Court ordered the demolition of Nasla Tower as it was constructed on encroached land of a service road. It is an eleven storey residential building with 44 apartments. It is estimated that the demolition of Nasla Tower will render thousands of people jobless and residents of the building homeless. The consequences of this demolition forced the provincial government to pass a legislative bill in order to regularise illegal housing projects where people have been living for years. The Sindh government proposed a resolution in the assembly to protect such buildings in order to avoid any humanitarian disaster or crisis. In the resolution, demand has also been proposed to take strict action against the officials, who allowed the construction of such housing projects in the province over the years.

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