Government to Introduce Development Projects to Uplift Rural Areas of Taxila

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The Government has decided to introduce development projects to uplift rural areas of Taxila. The development projects include the upgradation of girls’ schools and the construction of roads. The cost of Rs 30 million is allocated for the upgradation of  girls’ elementary schools to high schools, while the estimated cost of Rs 215 million is allocated for the construction of roads.

Taxila, a designated UNESCO World’s Heritage Site, is one of the important ancient and tourism spots in Pakistan. It has a great potential for religious and educational tourism and is one of the great learning centres of the Gandhara Civilization. The government’s recent decision of reviving the Taxila university has turned the region into an educational tourism hub from across the globe.

The Government of Pakistan is focusing on the development of rural regions to reduce the gap between rural and urban areas. The rural sector of Pakistan contributes a major part to the economy. It contributes 25% to the GDP  and provides 70% of the total value of exports. Given its importance, the government should provide rural regions with the necessary tools and financing mechanisms to develop and execute an effective strategy. Rural economic development should focus on the unique strengths of each area, rather than concentrating on ameliorating generic weaknesses. The economic performance of rural regions in Pakistan is lagging, despite efforts by governments and local leaders to address the problem. It’s time to rethink our approaches to rural economic development, drawing on broader learning about the sources of competitiveness in the global economy.

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