Large Scale Manufacturing Growth

By 19/07/2021 0 Comments

According to the President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce, Pakistan’s domestic exports can increase to 150 billion USD by increasing industrial competitiveness, innovative technology, regional trade and new export markets. Moreover, by directing significant efforts towards productive sectors of the economy like textiles, agriculture, tourism and information technology, Pakistan has the potential to increase its export base exponentially.

Investment in the Agro-Industry can help Pakistan achieve its export potential of 150 billion USD. Since Pakistan is primarily an agricultural economy, with a major chunk of its exports derived from agriculture-based raw material (cotton), investing in this sector can increase domestic exports in the agriculture and manufacturing industry.

Currently, Pakistan’s export base is 2.2 billion USD. The target of 150 billion USD appears unrealistic; however, if Pakistan can invest in productive and valuable sectors of the economy, the target can be achieved soon. The economy of Pakistan is slowly maturing, and experts can identify industries that can be most profitable for investment. If the country invests in the right sectors, exports can increase, benefiting various areas like the balance of trade and current account deficit.

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