Mini Dams Constructed in Rawalpindi

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According to Rawalpindi Division Director for Water Management, Dr Mohammad Iqbal Chauhan, the Rawalpindi division has observed the construction of 573 mini dams in the last 3 years. A majority of them (216) are located in the area around the Attock district. Recently, the preliminary surveys of 5 dams have been completed that will provide water to different mountainous tehsils of Rawalpindi.

Recently, a drip irrigation system has been established in the Attock district covering 5000 acres and in Rawalpindi covering 20,000 acres. In addition, almost 30,000 acres have been cultivated, 996 irrigation schemes have been completed, and a number of wells have been dug to deal with the impending water crisis that faces the region today.

The drip irrigation system is an efficient way of conserving water wasted during agricultural activities. The drip irrigation system does not only save water but also energy as its system is fueled by solar power.

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