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Online Passport System to Facilitate Overseas Pakistanis

By 24/11/2021 March 25th, 2022 0 Comments

The government of Pakistan has recently confirmed the issuing of biometric passports. According to Pakistan’s Federal Minister, Sheikh Rashid, a German company will be responsible for the development and deployment of the new digital system in the country. The ePassport’s validity will be ten years, and its fee has been reduced by half to allow more citizens to apply.

The new biometric system aims to facilitate overseas residents to process online applications with an updated system. The E-passport is designed to eliminate all the hurdles in the current manual system. It will speed up the identification process, simplify passport control, and pave the way for the automation of services. The e-passport service will also help the airport authorities to complete the travel procedure in a short time.

The new e-passports will have a biometric chip containing personal data such as pictures and fingerprints, and other information, whereas the microchip would be embedded in each e-passport to help authenticate the identity of the traveller.

The government has also announced to process all visa applications through an online visa portal. Pakistan’s e-visa system was first established in February, with the goal of discontinuing the manual visa system and helping visa facilities encourage tourism and business visits to the country.

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