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Pakistan’s Exports to US

By 24/08/2021 March 25th, 2022 0 Comments

There has been a record increase in Pakistan’s exports to the United States during the fiscal year 2021. According to Abdul Razak Dawood, adviser to the prime minister on commerce and investment Pakistan’s exports to the United States have increased by 39% as compared to 2020. The net worth of the exports increased from 3.7 billion USD to 5.2 billion USD, showing a net increase of 1.45 billion USD.

This increase in export base to the US has been due to the efforts of exporters and Trade and Investment Officers (TIOs) working in the US. The TIOs at Pakistan’s trade missions in New York and Houston provided facilitation to Pakistani exporters to further enhance the quality of exports. Some of the major exports of Pakistan to the US include textiles, apparel knit or crotched, cotton and leather garments.

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