Pakistan’s Investment in Dubai Real Estate

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Dubai’s real estate market is famous for its lucrative Return on Investment (ROI) and the UAE receives investments worth billions from all over the world. There are millions of Pakistani nationals residing in the United Arab Emirates and particularly in Dubai. Several Pakistanis have invested in the city’s real estate with total investments worth 1.26 billion AED in the first five months of 2021.
The UAE is a hub of diverse nationalities, with South Asians like Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis forming a significant part of the UAE population.

Leading the investment market, Indians have invested 6 billion AED in Dubai’s real estate market in the first quarter of 2021. After Indians, nationals from the UK invested 2.9 billion AED, followed by Chinese and French citizens who made investments worth 1.4 billion and 1.3 billion AED respectively.

Dubai’s real estate is conducive for international investments because of its tax-friendly legislation and policies. The state of UAE grants resident status through real estate investments which is the main reason behind the investment boom in the city. Moreover, the resident visa fee in the UAE is significantly less compared to the European market, which makes investment in UAE’s real estate easy for the average global citizen.

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