Pakistan’s Tourism Potential

By 23/06/2021 0 Comments
Pakistan’s tourism sector has the potential to develop Pakistan into one of the best tourist destinations. Pakistan’s ranking on the worldwide tourism index has improved multi-fold after the country improved its security situation.
International travel bloggers like Eva Zu Beck and the like came to Pakistan and raised international awareness regarding the diverse tourism potential in Pakistan.
With an increase in international recognition, the country passed several policies to increase the conservation of important tourist locations across the countries. In addition, provincial governments directed their efforts towards developing their respective tourist locations in collaboration with the respective hotelling and hospitality industry to bring in more tourists.
In a bid to increase tourism in the northern areas like Skardu, Gilgit, Swat, and, Chitral Pakistan’s government allowed NorthAir to provide air travel to people to northern areas. This will reduce travel time for tourists and boost domestic tourism.

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