Pakistan International Airlines Achieves Perfect Safety Ratings

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Recently, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been ranked amongst the best airlines in the world in terms of safety ratings by the European air safety watchdog SAFA (Safety Audit for Foreign-Origin Aircraft). The safety audit watchdog conducted an extensive audit check of PIA planes at several international airports. According to SAFA, the airline recorded zero safety hazard findings since last week, which shows PIA’s commitment to improvement. 

SAFA is an audit watchdog that conducts regular safety and quality control checks for all the non-European airlines at different airports. The audit firm conducted thorough and extensive scrutiny of PIA’s aeroplanes. With zero findings recorded, PIA CEO, Air Marshal Arshad Malik, lauded the efforts of the PIA management. He claimed that PIA had been working tirelessly towards raising the safety standard of the aeroplane.  

The national air carrier has established a new safety department that is responsible for a more stringent in-house safety check on the airline’s international flights. The recent safety awareness culture has been introduced to raise the quality standard along with the special emphasis on career incentives and growth for employees.

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