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Prime Minister to Launch Road Development Projects in Mianwali District

By 14/12/2021 March 25th, 2022 0 Comments

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced the development of road projects in the Mianwali District. The projects include the upgradation of the 38-kilometre Kalabagh-Shakardara road with an estimated cost of Rs 2.7 billion. Several other projects have also been launched in the areas of health and education, with an estimated cost of Rs 36 billion. The upgradation and rehabilitation of Balkasar to Mianwali road and Minawali to Muzaffargarh road are also included in these development projects.

Mianwali district includes five ecological zones. The district has been a laboratory for observing the performance of various crops in a variety of ecological zones and therefore leads agriculture in the rest of the country. The agricultural importance of Mianwali has led to the focus of many national and multinational agro companies towards the area. Presently, 20 agro companies are working in the district, providing job opportunities to the locals. Thus per capita income is increasing, leading to the improved economic growth of the country.

Road development projects are the most important segment of infrastructure in any developing country. Road networks in Pakistan carry over 96 percent of inland freight and 92 percent of passenger traffic. Over the past few years, there has been a gradual increase in the length of high type roads and a decline in low type roads. The National Highway Authority (NHA) has been carrying out further extensive road development projects including bridges, flyovers, and interchanges and has managed to increase its toll revenue by 36 % over the past year.

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