Property Verification Launched in Islamabad to Counter Fraud

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To counter land-related fraud in the city, the Islamabad administration has initiated a property verification system. The Property Verification Centre (PVC) will be established at the Facilitation Office in the Deputy Commissioner (DC) office. The PVC is a joint venture between the Islamabad administration and Capital Development Authority (CDA). It will have a database of land records and housing societies of the CDA and the capital administration. This will enable the user to know which housing society and the respective residential real estate is present in which region. This was badly needed as most overseas investors have been previously tricked by dubious developers regarding the location and legality of the housing society.

According to the DC, a vast majority of the housing societies had either been declared illegal or did not fall in the jurisdiction of Islamabad. Ghouri town was one of the largest housing scams in the capital, showing the depth of the issue. Moreover, several authorities are located outside the capital, but the owners claim that it is inside the territories to attract buyers. The local government has enacted Section 144 of the CrPC against such housing societies.

Anyone that aims to invest in the Capital’s real estate can check the legal status of the plot before closing a deal. A form shall be filled by the potential buyer and the legal status of a property will be communicated within 24 hours. The service will be available free of cost and will be available in the coming days.

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