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Punjab Government to Close Schools and Offices to Mitigate Effects of Smog

By 25/11/2021 March 25th, 2022 0 Comments

With the recent increase in smog and deteriorating air quality of most metropolitan cities in Punjab, the provincial government has ordered the closure of all private offices and educational institutions in Lahore on Mondays, including Saturday and Sunday till January 15th. The government hopes that it would reduce the level of air pollutants and help in the recovery of air quality.

The order issued by the Punjab government holds evidence of persistent deterioration of the Air Quality Index of Lahore. The graph of air quality is constantly declining, fluctuating from satisfactory to poor levels. This deterioration in air quality is affecting the public health standard as citizens report an increase in breathing discomfort, respiratory diseases, and even heart-related diseases. These are some of the major reasons forcing the provincial government to shut down offices and schools. Lahore has recently topped the list of cities with the most polluted air in the world after air quality went to hazardous levels.

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