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Rawal Dam Chowk Project

By 06/07/2021 March 25th, 2022 0 Comments

In a bid to expedite work on the Rawal Dam Chowk project, Chairman Capital Development Authority – CDA, Islamabad visited the site and reviewed the progress of the project. The construction of the Rawal Dam Chowk project is expected to be completed by December 2021.

The project has different portions like slip roads, one underpass, and an overhead bridge. There is a separate underpass to connect Margalla town with the chowk. CDA will push forward the completion of this project by hiring more manpower and employing more machinery to jumpstart the project so that the project can be completed by September-October 2021.

The Chairman on his site visit also made sure that the public is not inconvenienced by the ongoing construction and traffic should run smoothly side by side. Deployment of traffic police was ordered in the area to eliminate any traffic issue that might arise due to the on-going construction activities.

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