Rawalpindi Administration to Extend Liaqat Road and Green Development

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Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) plans to expand Liaqat Road from Murree Road to Fawara Chowk whereas the Parks and the Horticulture Authority (PHA) will be responsible for the establishment of green belts along Muree Road. According to the director PHA, the recarpeting of Liaqat Road will commence as soon as encroachments and illegal constructions are cleared from the area. The administration also plans to refurbish the main roads with cultural artefacts and proper pedestrian lanes for walking to enhance the visual appeal of this densely populated commercial and historic area.

The district administration also plans to clear all land encroachments and illegal construction in this region, particularly the ones which cause traffic congestion and impede traffic flow. RMC has purchased drone cameras to check hurdles which will help them identify illegal constructions and other establishments.  The unplanned and illegal construction has also led organizations such as the Rawalpindi Traders Association to demand the local government for strict action against encroachments and initiate work on parking plazas. Traffic hours are a nuisance for the traders of Raja Bazaar and the adjoining markets forcing people to turn to other commercial areas due to traffic rush. The government needs to come up with a comprehensive plan for integrating parking spaces as the local traders and people are ready to help the administration in this regard.

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