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Reducing Poverty in Rural Areas of the Country through Cattle Farming

By 21/02/2023 0 Comments

Cattle farming has immense importance and is considered a precious sector not only to run the kitchen smoothly on a daily basis but also to help the country meet expenditures in any emergency situation. In South Punjab, around 70 per cent of the rural population is directly associated with the livestock sector.the presence of animals is proportional to cheques which could be cashed at any time. 

Cattle farming or livestock contributes to over 14 per cent of the country’s economic growth. It has great potential to reduce poverty in rural areas and transform people’s living standards. Pakistan is ranked fifth milk-producing country, which can be enhanced significantly by working on animals’ genetics. It has been proven that the best semen quality can help improve animals’ health, milk and meat production. It can also help generate maximum income for the farmers and the country’s economy. 

At the national level, around eight million people are involved in cattle farming. The country has 53.4 million big animals and 80.3 million small animals (goats) (Animal Census and Economic Survey Report). As per the 2022 Economic Survey Report, milk production increased from 61,690 to 63,684 million tonnes. Apart from this, only district Multan owned 3,611,964 big animals (Buffalo, Cow), 2,292,687 small animals (goats, sheep) and 1,525,416 rural poultry. Besides this, the farmers also rear 714 camels (Livestock Department). 

Cattle farming plays an important role in poverty alleviation in rural areas. It is very easy to raise animals because of the cultural environment and easy access to infrastructure and nutrition. Considering the importance of livestock, the government should focus on improving quality seeds for fodder. Apart from this, the government should also offer interest-free loans to farmers to purchase animals and prepare cattle-pen as per the latest trends.

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