Significance of Professional Education and Specialist Training in the Real Estate Sector

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Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world. The youth from age 15-30 forms a major part of the national population. Unfortunately, government statistics on the young labour force show that 80% of the youth lack proper education and skills. Pakistan’s current economic position requires its youth to have a developed skill set that will equip them to deal with the fast-evolving global and national market trends. Unfortunately, the cost of training is unaffordable in the private sector and limited in scope in the public sector. Therefore, most of the youth have low employability and are unable to start businesses of their own. Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies is conducting an online seminar titled, “Significance of skill development for people’s empowerment and national development.” The webinar will host eminent speakers from the public and private sectors to deliberate on this important issue.

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