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Slum Dwellers have Launched their own Waste Management System

By 14/07/2022 0 Comments

In Islamabad, the slum dwellers have launched their own waste management system. The residents with the help of some development partners have adopted a model for the system. Four slums, H- 9 community, I-9 community, G-7 Faisal Colony and G-7 Allama Iqbal Colony were almost surrounded by huge piles of garbage. The local community with the development partners has implemented the “Saaf Mahol” initiative to clean the localities. 

 There were three components of the system implemented at the slum localities, door-to-door collection of garbage, selling off some material to junk dealers, and utilising the organic waste for compost.  This system has controlled almost 90% of open dumping and waste burning in the area. The initiative has not only cleaned the localities but also generates additional income for the garbage collectors. According to Environmentalists, waste is a resource that has a lot of potentials and if utilised properly, it can lead to different business streams.

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