The State of Animals in the World

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Every year, thousands of animal abuse cases are reported globally. However, these statistics are considered an under-representation of the total abuse cases as most cases are not filed with the concerned authorities. The different forms of animal abuse include organized cruelty like dogfighting, and intentional cruelty such as severe neglect of animals’ basic needs like water and food.

Despite achieving high literacy levels and education, most people in society turn a blind eye towards animal and pet abuse. The effects of abuse are not only physical but also mental. This is because the majority of the abused animals can feel the emotion of fear, pain, and desperation.

In the widespread cases of animal abuse, dogs are common victims. Moreover, a specific breed of dogs is more prone to a higher level of abuse as compared to other breeds. According to statistics gathered from animal rescue organizations from all over the world, one in four abused dogs is a Pit bulldog. In Pakistan, 50,000 dogs are culled every year as no law prevents the killing of stray animals.

Unfortunately, despite the harrowing statistics, animal abuse is not recognized as a priority issue in Pakistan. Stray, pet and farm animals face abuse of all sorts and it continues to deteriorate the standard of living for animals in Pakistan

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