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Top Countries by Residential and Commercial Real Estate Value

By 28/06/2021 June 9th, 2022 0 Comments

The global real estate sector is one of the most valuable assets of the global economy. According to Savills, the world’s most valuable real estate properties are distributed in only 10 countries. These countries possess 70% of all global commercial and residential real estate which totals $200 trillion.

The two economic superpowers, United States and China together hold 42% of the global real estate worth. By value, China has some of the largest real estate assets of any other country in the world. This is followed closely by United States, Japan, and the UK.

Other countries like Germany, France, Brazil, India, Italy, and Russia form the top 10 countries with the highest value of real estate properties, accounting for 28% of the global real estate assets.

A segmentation-based analysis of global real estate shows that residential areas account for 84% of the $200 trillion sector. This can be attributed to the growth of the global population which continues to outpace commercial development.

Pakistan needs to work on different issues of real estate like digital mapping, documentation of unregistered land area, planning of unplanned areas to name a few. This can help the country in tapping the huge potential of Pakistan’s real estate sector.

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