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UAE Firm to Invest $30 Million in Pakistan’s Real Estate Sector

By 01/09/2021 March 25th, 2022 0 Comments

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) based real estate company has announced to invest $30 million in Lahore’s real estate by developing a world-class scheme that targets Pakistan’s luxury real estate segment. The UAE real estate firm Diyar Homes kept a close eye on Lahore’s prime real estate market and was waiting for the right opportunity to come by so it could invest. The goal of the investment is to set a new standard for luxury real estate in Pakistan.

Diyar Homes has a global reputation for delivering world-class luxury real estate projects. The company has a team of leading consultants in the engineering, design and architecture department. By investing in Pakistan’s real estate sector, it will leverage its team of high achievers and use their global expertise to upgrade Pakistan’s luxury real estate sector.

As for Lahore, the city has undergone a significant infrastructure reform in the past few years, with $10 billion of inward investment, 48% growth in the city’s population, and a potential contribution of $100 billion to the country’s GDP by 2025. As a result of these factors, the city’s prime real estate markets have observed an approximately 50% increase in the last 5 years with an increase in high rise construction.

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