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UK Pledges Funds for Pakistan on Climate Change

By 05/11/2021 March 25th, 2022 0 Comments

The United Kingdom (UK) has announced 55 million pounds to support Pakistan’s efforts towards tackling climate change under COP26. Under the historic summit, commitment to climate funds is expected from developed countries to help developing countries cut down their carbon emissions.

Pakistan is ranked as the 8th most vulnerable country to the effects of climate change. According to estimates by the British High Commission, if the current increase in temperature persists, 36% of the Himalayan glaciers will be melted by 2100. According to the British High Commissioner, Christian Turner, it is high time that Pakistan kick start its work on climate financing with assistance from the UK. If prompt action is not taken, Pakistan could face a catastrophic future.

The UK-Pakistan climate fund has three objectives. A 5-year climate resilience program worth 38 million pounds will be used to provide social protection to the lowest-income demographic against the impoverishing effects of climate change. A 5-year water governance program worth 15 million pounds to ensure sustainable and equitable access to water. Lastly, 2.5 million pounds will be dedicated to attracting climate investment in Pakistan.

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