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World Human Rights Day

By 12/12/2021 March 25th, 2022 0 Comments

The International Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10th December as on this day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was passed in 1948. The UDHR is a milestone document that proclaims that every human being is entitled to inalienable rights, regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, language, caste, creed, social status, political affiliation, social origin, place of birth or any other social circumstance.

The Ministry of Human Rights in Pakistan established the National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) to promote and protect human rights in Pakistan. The mission of NCHR is to provide speedy investigation and redressal by acting as a watchdog on state machinery to respond to violations of Human Rights, mainstreaming human rights awareness and education in the society, and creating a culture of collaboration for a pro-rights environment in Pakistan

The recent pandemic has been an important factor in emphasising the need to revisit our human rights record and maintain a healthy recovery from the devastating effects of the pandemic. COVID-19 has brought to the surface many entrenched, systematic, and intergenerational inequalities and other forms of discrimination in our society.

To close the gaps in the human rights expected and provided under the current situation, it is important to create equal opportunities for all and address the fault lines in our society exposed by COVID-19. It is important to adopt practices that can advance human rights and ensure full recovery from the current crises on this human rights day to create a more sustainable world.

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