How Technical Training of Youth can Help Overcome Unemployment in Pakistan?

How Technical Training of Youth can Help Overcome Unemployment in Pakistan?

As a developing country, Pakistan has a lot of growth potential and is considered the 5th largest country with the youngest population. Around 63 per cent of the population comprises youth in the age bracket 15-33. In 2023, the unemployment rate in Pakistan is expected to rise by 6.5%, and unemployment refers to the percentage of people in the labour force who do not have jobs. According to the chairman of Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (STEVTA), unemployment could be reduced by imparting technical training among the youth. Institutes such as STEVTA are taking steps to equip the youth with technical skills and modern technology according to international standards. That will also help them get jobs in Pakistan and abroad.

By enabling the youth to work abroad, foreign exchange will also be earned through it. The majority of Pakistan’s population is a youth with high potential. Investing in them through modern skills and technical training can achieve a lot of economic growth and development. The institute in Hyderabad has a capacity of 500 students, and the curriculum is being improved. The effective steps taken by the Sindh government will promote skill development and technical education, as skills are an important factor in every field of study. In today’s era, many young adults have high education but low skills or less practical experience, which may become one factor of unemployment as skills are extremely important. By developing skills, youth may not face difficulties while finding jobs, and it could play an essential role in the economy.

Training institutes and industrialists can collaborate to provide youth training for industrial, technical, skilled and social sectors. Moreover, industrialists could consider the need of the industrial area and offer internships and jobs to the youth to help them get professional experience and skills. In Pakistan, there are very few training institutes for special children. Special persons could also be made productive by giving equal employment opportunities. Government should do public-private partnerships to provide technical training to the youth and make them capable enough to even work in other countries. It will increase remittances in the country, and automatically, the economy will grow as well.

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