Micro Homes can be the Future of Pakistan

Micro Homes Can be the Future of Pakistan

Decent and affordable housing is essential to have a good and healthy lifestyle. However, developing countries like Pakistan is facing a critical housing crisis due to low production and rising costs. The real estate and construction sectors are the two most important sectors that directly link a country’s housing crisis. The rising land and construction cost exacerbates the housing cost making it unaffordable for people to buy a house at such a high price due to unemployment, low wages, and inflation. To lower the cost, real estate developers are working to introduce the concept of micro-housing in Pakistan to provide a sustainable housing facility within optimum price limits.

What are Micro Homes?

Micro-houses are compact units with one bedroom made, typically for single occupancy. These take up small space but are fully functional with essential facilities. Micro-homes are planned to make maintenance easier for house owners. Single units will be suitable for students or bachelors who cannot afford high rents and prefer a simple, compact space while they work and earn. Moreover, such houses have modern interiors and creative décor, making living more attractive. Apart from students, many people in Pakistan have low wages and cannot afford to buy houses even in the long term. Small units with low cost will provide them with a good lifestyle with modern technology. Due to increasing demand, the houses will have a greater resale value.

Benefits of Micro Homes

Micro homes provide several benefits to their residents, such as:

Affordable Housing

Micro homes are the best solution for Pakistan’s housing crisis as they lower living and maintenance costs.

Easy Maintenance

Small houses are relatively affordable to the bigger ones and have all the necessities for residents. These houses are well-equipped with contemporary facilities to lead a comfortable life at budget costs.

Creative Interior

Micro apartments offer specially crafted interiors providing intelligent space solutions. Limited space offers space-saving solutions catering for the minimalistic preferences of young people.

Sustainable Living

As the need for simple and compact living is growing, these houses encourage sustainable living by utilising fewer energy resources making it more environmentally conscious.

Can Micro Homes be the Future of Pakistan?

However, different reasons, like rising inflation, high construction cost, and high rental rates, make it difficult for the countries to provide better housing facilities to all.  Rapid urbanisation is putting immense pressure on cities to accommodate more inhabitants. Property prices are on the rise because of an increase in demand and less development. In this case, micro homes are the ultimate solution to the country’s housing problems and rising costs. They can serve the purpose in this dilemma as they are affordable and provide all amenities.

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