Preserving Heritage Sites to Apprise Future Generations About Historical Assets

Preserving Heritage Sites to Apprise Future Generations About Historical Assets

Cultural and heritage sites are the most important assets of a country. They represent the identity, history, and culture of a nation. Pakistan is largely known for its historical background and cultural heritage. The country is considered a hub for cultural and historical places, which includes thousand years old forts, palaces, mosques, temples, etc. These sites have great potential to be used as tourist attractions and contribute to the economy of a country.

Despite so much importance in national development, they are threatened by various factors such as natural disasters (like earthquakes and floods) and human activities (urbanisation, construction activities). Besides this, the concerned authorities have hardly done anything to preserve these sites. Unfortunately, the archaeological sites in the country have yet to be maintained and developed.

For instance, the salt range of Pakistan is still unexplored. The famous Derawar Fort in Bahawalpur is ruined due to poor management and governance. In addition, the Sun temple in Multan, which is thousands of years old, has now become dilapidated. Similarly, the Palace Hotel of Abbottabad, which is 150 years old, needs early preservation. A variety of historical and cultural sites are in dilapidated condition and need the attention of the administrative authorities to restore the nation’s heritage.

Considering the importance of these historical sites, the concerned authorities must take imperative measures to develop and preserve the country’s assets. Restoration and preservation of these sites are important to apprise our coming generations and attract tourists across the globe to provide employment and earn revenue. In conclusion, the government must work to develop the country to rescue important cultural and historical sites before they vanish forever. Preserving these sites will bring renewed respect for our heritage and new revelations to the international community. It will promote new livelihoods and a road out of poverty to the local community. Money that is invested in global heritage conservation always continues working.

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