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The Need of Micro-Housing in Pakistan

By 09/09/2022 September 12th, 2022 0 Comments

Pakistan is currently in an economic crisis with low production and rising costs. The real estate sector and housing demand are flourishing despite high inflation. However, the rising cost of land and construction influences house costs. It is becoming unaffordable for people to buy and sell at such a high price due to unemployment, low wages and inflation. To lower the cost, the real estate developers are inclining towards making smaller units and staying within optimum price limits. In this situation, micro-houses are the most appropriate solution as they lower the living cost and are affordable and environmentally friendly.

Micro-houses are compact units with one bedroom made, typically for single occupancy. These take up small space but are fully functional with essential facilities. Micro-homes are thoughtfully planned, making it easier to maintain and lower utility bills, resulting in low living costs. Single units will be suitable for students or bachelors who cannot afford high rents and prefer a simple, compact space while they work and earn. Moreover, such houses have modern interiors and creative décor, making a living more attractive. Apart from students, many people in Pakistan have low wages and cannot afford to buy houses even in the long term. Small units with low cost will provide them with a good lifestyle with modern technology. Due to increasing demand, the houses will have a greater resale value.

The need for micro-housing is increasing day by day in Pakistan. After natural disasters, many people are displaced, and it is difficult for the government to provide shelter to everyone. Many people are already homeless or in debt as they cannot afford housing. The government can provide low-cost micro-homes to these people till they get back on their feet. Small houses must be encouraged for sustainable living and efficient usage of homes. The energy crisis is another challenge our country faces; thus, by adapting to micro-housing, people will be environmentally conscious and consume fewer energy resources. The cash flow in the real estate market can be increased through small housing units to get the economy running, promoting further growth in development.

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