CDWP to Consider 25 Development Projects of Rs 300 Billion

CDWP to ocnsider 25 development project of Rs 300 billion

Urban development is a significant step towards establishing a sustainable society. A well-planned urban settlement makes a solid framework for growth and positively impacts the economy.

To enhance urban development and improve Pakistan’s livability, the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) has considered 25 development projects worth Rs 300 billion. Out of these 25 projects, 11 projects are being considered in the Transport and Communication sector. One of the main projects in this sector includes the construction of a road between Counter (in AJK) to Rattu (in GB) along with the Tunnel at Counter with a total cost of Rs69.785 billion. Other projects include the construction of Muzaffarabad – Mansehra Road (26.6 km) at Rs44.7 billion, the building of Sharda – Noori Top – Jalkhad (SNJ) Road at Rs16.320 billion, Construction of Sukkur-Rohri Bridge at Rs2 billion, Dualization of Tando Allahyar to Tando Adam Road at Rs3.899 billion and feasibility Study for Metro Bus Route in Quetta at Rs100 million.

These road projects will increase National Integration by enhancing the provinces’ social and economic dependence and providing a safe, modern, and efficient transportation system in the country.

Out of the remaining projects, there is one energy project, the construction of a second circuit stringing 132kV transmission from Jiwani to Gwadar (94 km) at the cost of Rs2.322 billion proposed by the Power Division.

Gwadar relies on imported electricity from Iran, but with the construction of the 132kV line, the port city will be connected to the National Grid for the first time.

In the health sector, at least three critical projects are being considered, including strengthening a Common Management Unit for AIDS, TB and Malaria, a National Health Support Project for Ensuring Universal Health Coverage, and Establishing a Medical City in Islamabad from the National University of Medical Sciences.

Furthermore, four projects in the Education sector, one project for the IT industry, two projects in Mass Media and the Remodelling of a canal system in the Water Resources department are being considered in the CDWP development projects. Moreover, the government will also present another over 30 projects at CDWP very soon.

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