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Govt to make a policy to revive tourism after devastating floods

By 06/10/2022 0 Comments

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has decided to make a policy for the revival of tourism after the devastating floods in the country. Currently, the government is making efforts to assess the damages of floods in tourist spots, historical sites, natural landscapes and private hotels. The Government of Pakistan along with the World Bank, UNESCO, and provincial tourism departments is exploring ways to recover the loss of the tourism industry.

Due to the flood calamity, several tourist points, and natural landscapes have been adversely affected. A large number of private hotels and local business markets in these areas have been washed away which has caused a major loss to the tourism industry. The roads and bridges in Swat and Kalam (the two famous tourist spots) have been completely damaged and suspended transportation networks for several weeks. Many schools and colleges have been destroyed which has affected the education system in those areas.

On an early basis, the government and official authorities have announced emergency measures for the rehabilitation of these areas. These measures include the provision of relief grants for the affected population, restoration of roads and bridges to start the commuting network in the area and the opening of temporary learning centres for the students whose schools have been damaged due to floods.

In Pakistan, the tourism industry is one of the major employment and revenue-generating industries. Currently, around 300,000 people in the country are associated with the tourism industry as it is an integral source of income for the people as well as relevant to the improvement of civic facilities in the far-flung areas of Pakistan. Besides this, tourism is also a source of earning foreign exchange and a tool for job creation and poverty alleviation.

Considering the importance of the tourism industry, the government and the concerned departments need to develop a long-term strategic approach for creating sustainable and resilient tourism in the country. However, making a policy for the revival of tourism will help to enhance economic prosperity and progress in the region. Furthermore, the government is making efforts to utilise all its resources to turn the challenges into opportunities by reviving the industry and ensuring the cooperation and collaboration of allied government agencies to come out of the crisis and rebuild better.

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