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How Does Pakistan’s Real Estate Sector Benefit from Chatbot?

By 12/12/2022 0 Comments

The chatbot is computer software designed to simulate conversations with humans, especially on the internet. It has many functions, such as arranging appointments, tailored interaction with consumers, follow-up procedures, giving information and updating tasks, and many more. Moreover, they can work around the clock, making it much more accessible and convenient for people. According to different surveys, sectors including tourism, education, healthcare and real estate benefit the most from chatbots. Rule-based and AI-automated chatbots are programmed to engage customers for real estate agencies. Chatbots used in real estate are essentially virtual agents that save time. Since the real estate sector is emerging in Pakistan, chatbots can further boost services and make it more convenient for real estate agents and customers.

Benefits of Chatbots in the Real Estate Sector

Better Engagement

Previously, paper copies had to be handed out to people to give or collect information, and a majority of those copies ended up in the trash. They were also less engaging and not as successful as online engagement. Customers can directly interact with chatbots in real time, answering questions and providing information there and then. Buyers or sellers do not have to wait long to get a small piece of information regarding the property or building, making it much more efficient for the real estate sector.

 Automated Follow-Up Process

A realtor has many responsibilities, and dealing with different types of buyers and sellers can get overwhelming. Using chatbots to follow up with your leads through the channel of their choice is quite simple. The consumer can speak directly with the realtor or get contacted through email or message for more information. It is time-saving for the realtor as well as the customer.

Personalised Experience

Different people have different requirements in terms of real estate. Chatbots can present information in an interactive way and give customers information about exactly what they are looking for. It is much less time-consuming and makes it more convenient for the customers.

Around-the-Clock Availability

It is not possible for human beings to be available all day and night due to time constraints, various commitments and shift schedules. On top of that, it becomes difficult to provide information or answer consumer queries promptly. Through chatbots, the customer’s questions can be answered even out of business hours as they are accessible 24/7.

 Real-Time Response

Customers may want to look for information without waiting for help from a human representative. If the chatbots are available on your website or platform, they can respond back to the customers within minutes. The real-time and immediate response can serve to be more efficient for the customer and the real estate sector.

To conclude, chatbots can assist customers in many ways, and real estate businesses can speed up their processes through efficient customer care. The communication gap can easily be filled as most real estate agents are difficult to contact during work hours. It saves time and only attracts potential clients. The real estate sector can benefit immensely from chatbots as half of the job is done through effective communication and the right information for the customer.

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