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A Resilient Tourism Industry Needed to Boost Economic Growth

By 09/05/2022 0 Comments

Pakistan’s tourism sector is a multi-billion dollar economy. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, Pakistan gains Rs 793 billion from its tourism economy and millions of employment opportunities. If the existing tourism infrastructure is upgraded, the government predicts getting RS 1 trillion in the future. However, the government is making efforts to implement a comprehensive plan to tap the potential of its tourism sector, like the integration of tourism zones, the development of infrastructure in tourist spots, etc.

The tourism industry provides ample opportunities to the country, bringing economic welfare, generating employment and providing opportunities for small and medium businesses. Tourism can play an important role in improving the attractiveness and well-being of places. It can considerably contribute to socio-economic development in urban and rural areas and support inclusive economic growth.

Pakistan is rich in its tourist destinations and offers a wide range of choices for domestic and international travelers. The British Backpacker Society ranked Pakistan as the world’s top adventure travel destination in 2018, describing the country as “one of the friendliest countries on earth and mountain scenery that is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.” However, Pakistan’s tourism industry has a massive potential to bring the country out of economic pitfalls. Improvements in the law-and-order situation and the country’s natural beauty have attracted many tourists in the last two years. After the pandemic, a huge influx of tourists was witnessed in the country’s tourist spots, which helped generate business activities and job opportunities for the locals in those areas.


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