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Role of Telemarketing in Boosting the Real Estate Sector

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Telemarketing is a highly professional and specialised field. It escalates profit margins for the business by generating leads and increasing sales. It is famous for its dedication, focused and result-oriented approach. It helps individuals to become proficient and qualified entrepreneurs. Telemarketing is essential for the real estate sector as telemarketers will analyse the market trends and suggest executing the appropriate process and procedures to increase the leads.

It is a solution for the real estate sector to grab deals and reach clients by following modern ways. It is a cost-effective way to go after fewer and better prospects deals if one has clarity and targets, which will increase lead generation and sale development. Explore exciting new opportunities for greater investment choices in real estate, relying on competent and innovative Telemarketing.

What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is directly marketing of goods and services to a potential customer by phone, internet or fax. Telemarketers or automatic telephone calls and robocalls can perform telemarketing services. Four kinds of telemarketing include outbound, inbound, lead generation, and sales calls.


In this kind of company, reach out to potential and existing consumers through outbound telemarketing calls, also known as cold calls.


These telemarketing calls are based on inbound to resolve inquiries about products or services as prompted by advertising or sales efforts. These are commonly known as “warm” calls, as customers will typically submit an interest form online or are already familiar with the company.

Lead Generation

This is based on the intelligence about potential customers’ interests, profiles and demographic data.


Telemarketers who are trained salespeople to engage in this persuasive activity. They aim to close a deal on the phone.

The main purpose of telemarketing is to carry out various activities such as telesales, surveying appointment setting, database maintenance, cleaning etc.

Telemarketing in Real Estate Sector

Here are a few scenarios where telemarketing can support real estate agencies and realtors to increase their revenues.

Property Previews

In this case, a telemarketer calls potential clients to inform them about new property deals in the neighbourhood for sale. The aim is to invite prospective clients to visit and preview that property. This increases the chances of the property being purchased by that prospective customer.

Asking Seller to List the Property on Realtor’s Database

It will increase the opportunity for both seller and buyer. When sellers share pictures and details of his/her property on social media, telemarketers can call them to check the property’s status. The main aim is to recommend that they put the property in the database of the realtor or real estate agency to improve its chances of getting sold quickly, such as Graana in Pakistan.

If the seller is not interested at that point, then the telemarketer can give a reminder call after 8-10 days to check the status of the property again. These reminder calls often prove rewarding as various sellers get ready to take the support of realtors on the subsequent calls.

Appraisal of Market Value of a Property

To engage the property owner, the telemarketer calls the property owner if he/she wants to evaluate the property’s value as per the market price. If the real estate advisor successfully convinces the owner, he/she will become the company’s client, and they will prefer to take their service again in future.

Asking a Seller about their New Property Requirements

Telemarketers can call sellers who have listed their property for sale. They can ask the sellers about their requirements for new property in the same vicinity or different. This scenario helps these sellers into leads if they are interested in purchasing the new property or any other property after selling the existing one.

Decrease in Property Price

A telemarketer can retrieve the number from the record of the database to call and inform the seller that the property’s price has decreased. This price decrease would attract many potential clients.

Customer Support in Real Estate Sector

Customers can also avail advantage of call centre support, which is essential to impart trust for the company among prospective and existing customers.

Scheduling of Visit

The businesses can run smoothly and earn more profit if their customer is satisfied. Whenever sellers call the real estate company, they want to have a smooth schedule for a visit. A proficient and professional company ensures that customer property visits are done efficiently.

Status of the Project

Customers usually want to be updated on the project they have invested in. However, that companies must prepare responses for project-related queries.

General Queries

People call to take information about the existing or new projects that may be launched.  The company requires proficient agents who can provide detailed information using their communication skills to handle these calls.

Payment Related Information

The real estate company can ask the telemarketer to call and inform the customer about the submission of documents and due payments for a smooth property transfer. This is a case where customer support agents become useful for the company.

Where does Pakistan Stand in Telemarketing?

Information technology has a central enabling role in the knowledge economy and society’s emerging dynamics. The Information technology of Pakistan holds a prominent position in software development, BPO and freelancing. Pakistan was ranked fourth place in providing freelancing services. IT exports have increased by 70% in the last three years. The overall country has more than 2000 IT companies and call centres. Pakistan has more than 300,000 people who can speak English and IT professionals with expertise in current and emerging IT products and technologies and 13 Software technology parks. Telemarketing is one of the imminent fields in Pakistan which has immense potential if it merges with the real estate sector. This sector contributes 2.53% of the GDP of Pakistan and employs 7.61% of the labour force. Both sectors can increase employment and revenue for the economy of the country.


Telemarketing has the potential to resolve the queries of the customer and provide a one-stop solution to all their problems. It supports customers in scheduling property preview dates, property values, information, solution etc. On the other hand, it will benefit real estate companies by increasing their revenue through collecting the due payments from customers. It will be a win-win solution for both the customer and the company.

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