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Impact of unsustainable Development Projects in the Capital of Pakistan

By 30/11/2022 0 Comments

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, was built as a planned city in the 1960s. In Islamabad’s master plan, the city was divided into 8 zones: residential areas, educational and industrial sectors, diplomatic enclave, administrative areas, and commercial areas, along with rural and green areas. As the population moves towards urban areas like Islamabad, the demand for infrastructure development and housing has elevated. Several development projects are currently under construction in Islamabad. However, due to poor governance and lack of planning, the work is very slow and is causing many socio-economic issues for the people.

Many projects, such as the Rawal Interchange project, were delayed due to a lack of regulations by the development authorities. Unnecessary haste and disregard of rules resulted in delay rather than expediting the project. Moreover, many academic professionals have suggested considering the environment before the onset of projects, but it was of no use. Urbanisation is leading to deforestation. Thus, it is essential to regulate and plan development projects. The construction work delays impact the city as traffic gets congested, people who have daily routes face inconvenience leading to frustration, low-income people lose their sources of daily income and living spaces, and the environment is also adversely impacted.

Unsustainable development projects can impact the country in the long run. Therefore, it is essential to manage them timely. The government must not put restrictions that the developers cannot follow and not ease outlaws. Both have adverse impacts and result in delays. The master plan of Islamabad must be followed, and regulatory authorities must keep a check on deadlines. The capital city is the gateway to northern areas, and when the traffic is congested from the start, it also impacts the tourism and transport sector. People plan their trips according to convenience and time. Hence, it is important to prioritise and resolve people’s reservations about several projects in the capital.

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