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Government Approves 19 Development Schemes for Gilgit Baltistan

By 06/07/2022 0 Comments

The government has approved 19 development schemes for Gilgit Baltistan. These schemes are approved for different departments, including Police, Electricity, Social Welfare, Education, and IT.

Under these schemes, a Special Protection Unit (SPU) will be established with an estimated cost of Rs 800 million. The SPU will significantly enhance the performance of the police department by providing them with the latest equipment and vehicles, which will ensure foolproof security of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) route.

Another scheme with an estimated cost of Rs 1055 million is approved for providing electricity in the region, which will ensure an additional 4.5MW of electricity to the people. Also, smart electricity metres will be installed in Gilgit city to save electricity and curtail power theft.

The government has also approved two schemes worth R250m for the Social Welfare Department. These schemes will create employment opportunities via the private sector by imparting artistic skills to citizens of 34 tehsils that will benefit 34,000 families. Moreover, through nongovernmental institutions, interest-free microfinance loans will be provided to 10,000 youngsters to start small businesses.

Under the Gilgit Baltistan Special Youth Empowerment Fund, the government has announced to increase in the number of loans taking it to approximately Rs 100 million to catalyse entrepreneurship and facilitate local startups.

The other three schemes were approved for the Education department with an estimated cost of Rs 480 million. Under these three schemes, a teacher training institute named College for Education for female teachers and two public schools in Hunza and Astore will be established.

Furthermore, the government will provide infrastructure, materials, computers, and books. Also, there will be a centralised selection criterion for books that education specialists will undertake to broaden the learning horizon of students and teach book-reading habits.

Another seven schemes worth Rs845 million are also approved to improve the distribution of drinking water to make accessibility better.

These development schemes will contribute toward a sustainable developed society. A well-planned urban culture makes a solid framework for growth and impacts the economy in a positive way.

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