Indonesia to Collaborate in Pakistan’s Tourism sector

Indonesia to Collaborate in Pakistan's Tourism sector

Tourism is critical for the success of a country’s economic growth. It enhances the government’s revenue, generates employment, and develops a nation’s infrastructure. According to the World Tourism Organisation, enhanced tourism can boost the local economies of developing countries along with cultural discussion and employment opportunities.                                                                                                     

It also develops a cultural exchange between tourists and residents and creates diversity and cultural enrichment in the hosting country. Developing cultural exchange helps young entrepreneurs to establish new products and services that could be sustainable for local and foreign tourists.

In Pakistan, the tourism sector is a potential shot in the arm of the country’s growing economy. It can considerably contribute to the socio-economic development in rural and urban areas and support inclusive economic growth. Currently, Pakistan gains $793 billion from its tourism economy and is estimated to derive $1 trillion by 2025 (Dawn,2022).

The tourism industry has a share of more than 5.9% of the country’s economy and contributes 6.2% to employment. Pakistan has been blessed with numerous tourist destinations and offers various choices for domestic and international travellers. Its northern areas are considered the best option for tourism. Pakistan has already topped several international travel lists and potentially become one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. The South Asian country offers different types of tourism, including archaeological and historical tourism, eco-tourism, adventure tourism, and religious tourism.

However, despite so much importance, the thriving sector is not fully developed and needs further investment to tap its potential. The sector faces challenges of inefficient infrastructure, poor security, inadequate government policies, and an untapped hospitality sector. To address these challenges, Pakistan needs foreign investment and efficient government policies to uplift the tourism sector.

Considering the importance of its tourism sector, Indonesia has shown interest in collaborating with Pakistan. Indonesia has been one of its friendly partners of Pakistan for many years. Recently, the country has launched a special capacity-building program in Pakistan to uplift its tourism sector. The main objective of this program is to improve trade and economic relations between both countries.

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