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Efforts of the Punjab Government to Uplift Tourism sector

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Tourism offers great opportunities for emerging economies by improving the socioeconomic status of their citizens. Pakistan is endowed with scenic natural beauty and a vibrant culture that is unmatched by any other place in the world. This sector could increase economic growth and bring remittances to the country. The government has to shift its focus from macroeconomic indicators to the tourism industry to achieve 5% economic growth. As tourism sector has the potential to contribute significantly, but currently, it contributes only 5.7% to the GDP, and 131 countries lie above Pakistan in the list of tourism earnings.

Cholistan Desert Rally

The Punjab government is playing a proactive role in promoting tourism in the city. The Provincial Department of Tourism plays a significant role in enhancing tourism’s potential. In line with this object, the government has announced dates for the 18th TDCP International Cholistan Desert Rally and Cultural Festival will be held from 6 to 12 February in Bahawalpur. Several countries will participate in the rally: Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Bahrain, Jordan and other Gulf countries. It is the 500 km track that will cover the three districts such as Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalnagar. This rally will impart a soft image of Pakistan, and tourists will learn more about Pakistan’s tourism potential and archaeology.

Additionally, Bahawalpur Division Administration and Hobara Foundation will also promote the jeep rally event. This rally offers a complete cultural event covering various forts, such as Derawar, Mojhgarh, Dingarh, Meerut, Khangarh, Bhajnot, Majgarh and Jamgarh where tourists can go and be mesmerised by the cultural heritage of the city. Moreover, it provides overnight camping stays to tourists, bonfires, local food festivals, camel rides, Sufi nights, etc.

Tourism Squad

The government has launched Punjab Tourism Squad (PTS), which will help promote good and responsible tourism across the province. The squad will be deployed in the province’s three zones (North, South and Central) on special occasions. The squad will arrange first aid and help vehicles and mountain bikes to climb the hill easily during rain. It will take care of the safety of foreign tourists and provide them with facilities.

Tourist Buses

The Punjab Tourism Development Corporation has four buses, and five more buses have been added to promote tourism. Nonetheless, the Haran Minar bus service will be initiated to promote night tourism and visit tourist places in Punjab every fortnight. The bus will start its trip from Lahore.

Motor Boat Camps

The government has introduced motor boat camps and motorsports in Rahim Yar Kahn, Layyah and other districts.


PTDC plans to open the museum in Multan, Hafizabad, and Gujranwala and form a new gallery in the Harappa museum.

Tourism Policy

The Punjab government has introduced its first tourism policy under which ten new tourist destinations have been marked, and planning and development work have been started. These destinations are Kotli Sattian, Chakwal, Khushab, Koh Sulaiman, Fort Munro, Kala Bagh, Mianwali etc.

Renovation and Restoration

Around 131 schemes have been initiated; 12 schemes have been completed. Adjacent to Taxila and Harappa, the government has constructed museums. Moreover, Gujrat and Kalar Kahar Museum have been renovated. Exploration of valuable artifacts of Buddist civilisation has been completed in Jampur DG Khan.

Moreover, the Lahore Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) has launched several projects to promote tourism and heritage as well as the conservation and preservation of old Lahore. For instance, one of its projects Shahi Guzargah, has restored 76 old buildings till 2022.

The country’s other regions should learn from the Punjab government to elevate tourism potential. The role of the government is important in promoting tourism activities in the form of promotion or provision and building or maintaining infrastructure. The well-performing tourism industry will attract foreign investors and tourists, which will help boost the overall economy and create job opportunities in this sector.

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