Use of Technology in Pakistan’s Railway System for the Safety of Passengers

Use of technology in Pakistan's Railway System for the Safety of Passengers

The transportation sector plays a vital role in the growth and development of the country. Pakistan’s Railway network comprises of 7,792 route kilometres with 228 passengers, mail and express trains. Since the past few decades, Pakistan railways have not been prioritised due to various challenges such as poor governance, corruption, political and economic instability, poor infrastructure and lack of investment. The low investment automatically led to reduced quality of trains and less safety for the passengers. Pakistan Railway is currently only picking up 4% of the traffic volume of the country. However, as the economic situation and awareness are improving, Pakistan Railway has decided to take important decisions for the sector.

Pakistan Railways has introduced the restoration of Greenline trains and launched new coaches in 2022. Moreover, they have decided to use the latest technology and installation of CCTV cameras in the coaches to promote the safety of the passengers. The security and train manager will monitor all suspicious activities during travelling and take action in a timely manner. The timely action can help identify the unsafe environment for the passengers and employees. The crime rates have also increased in the country and cameras have proven to reduce robberies. Moreover, technology can improve and monitor passenger conditions. The population of Pakistan uses bus transport or cars to travel as they are more comfortable but if trains are focused upon, they provide the most comfortable and less time-taking journey. The use of the latest technology will encourage passengers to use this mode of transport, resulting in the growth of Pakistan Railways. When the passengers feel safe and comfortable, trains will be preferred over cars or buses and the railway sector will contribute greatly to the GDP of Pakistan.

There is still room for improvement in the travel experience of the passengers. By the use of technology, the government of Pakistan can digitise ticketing and booking. Convenience is the most important aspect of travelling and when customers are able to book tickets online and also be allowed to get them delivered to their doorstep, it will improve customer service. To enhance customer loyalty, the government can give discounts who book online use the latest technology. To further make travelling convenient, power sockets must be available to charge phones or laptops. An application can be devised for the passengers to get information on different routes and fares along with time and distance. It will keep the passengers updated. Moreover, the government should facilitate passengers with special needs and ensure their safety. Lastly, the fares should be affordable for everyone as Pakistan is a developing country and providing relief to its own population will encourage them to use and service. Safety and quality through technology can easily be achieved in Pakistan Railways, making it convenient and efficient for everyone.

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