Apartment Living Vs. Living in the House: Thinking About your Options

Apartment living Vs Living in the House: thinking about your options

Sometimes it can be challenging to decide whether to buy or rent an apartment or a house when looking for a new place to live. You should consider several factors to know which option will suit your preferences and budget. You may want more room and more control over your living space, or you simply prefer the convenience of apartment living. But going from renting an apartment to owning a house is a big step that can impact your finances and lifestyle. Hence, we will mention some factors that will explain and make it easier to decide whether to rent an apartment or buy a house.

Benefits of Living in a House versus an Apartment

There are several factors which you need to consider before choosing between living in an apartment or a house.

  • Living Space
  • Amenities
  • Privacy
  • Location
  • Celebrating Occasions and Events
  • Neighbours

Let’s discuss these aspects in further detail.

Living Space

Living in a house gives you access to more space, giving you the liberty of enjoying more freedom. However, living in a house comes with added costs such as higher utility bills, maintenance charges, and other hidden costs. If you are thinking about buying a residential space for a larger family or multiple family units, you should consider investing in a home that is an appropriate size.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of buying a house is that you might not be able to utilise the entire space available to you and a lot of it is wasted. People usually fill out larger homes with heavy furniture and other appliances which can cost a lot of money. Apartments, on the other hand, are designed specifically for the best utilisation of space. This matters when the prices of real estate continue to rise with time and it becomes increasingly unaffordable for people to buy houses and waste extra space. While apartments are now much more spacious, it all depends on your requirement and financial budget.

Furthermore, apartment living is a reasonable choice for a smaller family, as they do not require much space, so they prefer apartment living over house living to utilise maximum space.

comfortable living spaces


Buying an apartment in Pakistan offers many advantages as most apartment complexes provide luxury amenities essential for comfortable living. Apartment living is becoming prevalent as builders offer facilities like parking spaces, gyms for fitness, and even swimming pools in some high-end apartment projects.

In addition to these facilities, apartments provide significant security services, which are less likely to be found in housing. So, if you are a person who is looking for a more secure place with a bunch of luxury amenities, choosing apartment living is the wise decision over housing. However, apartments do not offer the convenience of owning garages and overgrown green lawns. In this regard, a house is the best option to carry out these activities, but keep in mind it will come with a high price tag.

luxury amenities


Another essential factor to consider when comparing house vs apartment living is the privacy that each type of property offers. Apartments are generally cheaper to buy or rent, but most apartment complexes do not provide the privacy homeowner’s desire. That’s one of the most common reasons buyers prefer a house over an apartment.

On the other hand, comparing both options with privacy concerns shows that if you are a small family, it will be better to buy an apartment because there are various committees for an entire building. If you face any difficulties related to security, amenities, or the neighbourhood, you can report it to the committee head. Further, they will take immediate action on your request. Thus, apartments are a suitable option. You should research before investing in a house or apartment to ensure that your family can have the privacy it needs.


Usually, apartments are in city centres or commercial areas which are well-connected to nearby businesses and third places. In contrast, newer houses being built are not within walking distance of public transport.

Apartments also offer stunning views to their residents based on their location. This proves to be an excellent attraction for the people choosing apartment living over house living. As a result, you should select an apartment to live in and choose the apartment with the best scenic view of the city.

Depending on where you choose to buy your property, make sure the apartment or house you want to buy or rent is close to all basic amenities like grocery stores, medical facilities, schools and parks.

scenic location

Celebrating Events

If you love to host events and celebrate occasions all year round, apartments may be too small to accommodate your large groups of friends and family members. In this sense, people always prefer to purchase a house instead of a compact apartment. Always keep your lifestyle in mind before investing heavily when buying an investment property. However, apartment buildings usually have entire floors available for community gatherings and other services like cafés and restaurants which offer great ambience and facilities. You will only be able to accommodate a certain number of individuals in your home. However, apartment buildings will offer you the opportunity to gather an even larger number of people and also manage the services required.

event celebration


You are likely to find good or bad neighbours depending on your location, but your neighbours may be less intrusive if you own a house. At the same time, it is common for apartment owners to hear their neighbour’s conversations or arguments. Similarly, you can also tell what your next-door neighbour is cooking for dinner. However, these issues can be a problem in close-knit houses.

However, when you live in a community, your interaction with other people is unavoidable. Although your personality and behaviour are a factor in establishing good relationships, sometimes it may not depend on you as to how you are treated by others. Many apartment buildings have an association of apartment owners where one can challenge and bring their case forward to the entire community. This allows for greater conflict resolution and reduces the chance of friction among presidents living on the same floor as most committees have rules and regulations on how people must behave in their respective spaces.  Therefore, living in an apartment offers you better living standards as people are mostly obliged to follow certain rules which restrict the chance of conflict.


Think about your options to make an informed decision

When deciding to buy a house or an apartment, you must weigh the pros and cons of both types of properties. Ultimately, it comes down to your budget, family size, and preferred location when deciding between an apartment and a house.

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