How to Attract Clients via Real Estate Blogs

How to Attract Clients via Real Estate Blogs

Real estate blogs offer valuable insights into today’s dynamic world of real estate. While real estate agents are still important in the home-buying process, buyers are increasingly looking to do more research online before enlisting the help of professionals. That is why real estate blogs are becoming popular day by day. They are a powerful and affordable online marketing tool for real estate agents and brokers. Real estate blogs offer a variety of themes, such as market trends, investment techniques, house buying and selling advice, home repair ideas, and much more. Moreover, engaging real estate content has the capacity to inform, educate, and motivate readers about the latest trends, technology, and best practices, ultimately leading to more industry engagement and profitability. Since the real estate industry is both exigent and lucrative, creating a dedicated blog for real estate businesses is an excellent strategy to attract and retain customers.

Blogging Strategies to Attract Clients

The 3-Up Strategy

Magazines and websites have been using the 3-up technique as a content production tactic for years. Essentially, determine which real estate blog articles are most well-liked based on the subjects the company wants to write about and then improve them slightly. To do this, they must enhance three crucial elements: a better image, a longer post, and sharing in more channels. By doing this, the company may compete with content that is already well-known to be popular while also enhancing it and differentiating it from the crowd.

Display that the Company is Ready to do Business

There are a lot of websites on the internet that have not been updated in a while. Many of these come from businesses that are still open but are not maximising their potential due to neglecting their websites. Some of these are from long-gone establishments. Imagine a potential consumer visiting a real estate website by accident and not finding recent activity. In that situation, they will probably conclude that the company is not functioning or involved and search for another company to meet their needs. A real estate company can prevent potential clients from looking for that other firm by regularly updating its website with blogs intended to draw in and maintain customers.

Showcase as an Expert

A company has the chance to develop relationships with its readers when they blog. These connections may eventually result in conversions as readers come to regard that company as a reliable source. Thus, a real estate company can establish itself as an authority in an area of expertise by imparting knowledge and thoughts regarding the real estate sector, its latest trends and technologies, and marketing its products and services through blog posts. People are more likely to trust and do business with a company if they perceive it as an authority.

Using the Right Keywords

A company will want people to read its real estate blog entries if it is putting effort into writing them. Google crawls pages according to its authority, which is dependent on a number of variables, including how many other pages link to the company’s website and how many keywords related to the search term are used in the blog’s content. Therefore, use the right keywords and include as many of them as possible in blog posts. Particularly in the first 150 words, as Google favours publications with keywords at the beginning. Include keywords in the title as well, as this is an essential opportunity to optimise the post. However, if a company go too far and includes keywords just for the sake of it, Google may penalise the page.  

Use a Casual Tone

People prefer postings that feel more like friendly counsel than reading a manual, so keep that in mind when determining the writing tone. Using humour in writing is fine; the audience will certainly appreciate a blog with a personal touch. The main thing to consider is that the company want people to stay on its page and be involved with the content. So, write in a manner that the intended audience will comprehend. Make people want to return because the company blogs are so transparent and helpful.

Share Blogs on Multiple Mediums

Share blog posts on all of the company’s online communication platforms to maximise its impact. A weekly email newsletter and social media platforms are part of this. It’s crucial to start a blog and create an online community, and linking the various platforms only serves to strengthen that community.

Integrating Visuals in Blogs

While sharing the company’s blog content, including images and videos, can help attract clients. It is a good idea to stay away from text-heavy postings when announcing on social media that the company has published a new blog.  Post a link to the full article along with a striking image of the post’s subject. When posting on social media, try to avoid taking screenshots of real estate articles because text frequently displays poorly on websites like Instagram.

Incorporate Local Information

Posting statistics for a particular neighbourhood in blogs can assist in drawing in prospective customers wishing to list their house there. It demonstrates the company’s localised expertise and gives the client faith that a particular real estate company can deliver the greatest outcomes. Those looking to buy in the area will also benefit from this information, as it will give them a sense of what to expect in terms of price benchmarks.


In the competitive real estate market, real estate blogs play an important role in recruiting potential clients and developing a strong internet presence. Real estate agents may develop compelling blog articles that attract the attention of their target audience by focusing on local market trends, delivering important insights, and including visually appealing information. A well-maintained and useful blog not only boosts credibility and trust with potential clients but it also raises the likelihood of generating leads and closing agreements. Investing time and effort in developing high-quality real estate blog content, on the other hand, can offer major benefits for both agents and agencies.

This article is written by Haneen Gul. Haneen is a Research Analyst at the Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies (IIPS).

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