How Mobile Apps are Changing the Dynamics of the Real Estate Business?

How Mobile Apps are Changing the Dynamics of the Real Estate Business?

Smartphones have become a global phenomenon, bringing revolutionary changes in the socio-economic sectors around the world. From Millennials to Gen Alpha, every person is heavily dependent on mobile phones to make connections, acquire information, and escape the world’s realities. Downloading a mobile app and using its services from the comfort of a home has skyrocketed its demand among users. As a result, the real estate industry is adapting to the mobile culture to promote its business and acquire a massive reach. Many real estate companies are launching user-friendly apps to build brand identity and awareness. The companies that do not market their digital services through these apps go unnoticed in the hugely competitive market.

Moreover, tech-savvy buyers are now more informed about the real estate business. Therefore, they conduct online research before making dealings in person. For that reason, real estate apps are designed to make the overall experience and process of buying, selling, and investing in real estate hassle-free. These apps are changing the way real estate companies conduct their businesses.

How real Estate Apps are Making a Difference in Pakistan?

The real estate industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, with a market worth $300-$400 billion (Ullah, 2022). It is full of remunerative possibilities and opportunities. As a result, more people are joining this industry, growing the competition more than ever. There are 186.9 million mobile users in Pakistan that could act as potential clients for the real estate companies in the country (Kemp, 2022). Therefore, these companies are making strategies to provide the best online services to obtain a massive reach. Big corporations and agencies are developing and updating the company app to stand out by establishing a brand identity and awareness.

In the past, doing business and making dealings in the real estate industry of Pakistan was a big risk. There needed to be a proper way to identify the owner or to verify and inspect the property. Clients had no choice but to believe the word of mouth of the broker. This industry was also notorious for many malpractices, which led to minimal investments. The procedure of buying and selling was a tedious and risky task. However, today, most people and even youth are informed about the real estate industry and are keen to become a part of it. They browse the company online via apps to get information before purchasing. Hence, these apps make a huge difference in how real estate businesses operate today.

Reputable real estate companies in Pakistan provide a transparent real estate journey through their mobile app services. For example, provides a hassle-free real estate journey to its more than 500 thousand users where they can buy, sell or rent out a property from the comforts of the home. This app also markets the client’s property and listings free of cost. Apps like these have restored people’s trust, encouraging them to invest more in Pakistan’s real estate sector.

Benefits of Mobile Apps in the Real Estate Business

Real estate mobile apps are in trend among mobile users as it is easier to access these apps than browsing the company’s website. Below are some factors that can help a real estate company or a business benefit from a mobile app.

Enhances the Customer’s Experience

Buying and selling a property, looking for a house, or investing is a hectic process. Most people avoid going from house to house and need more time to comparatively analyze properties before making an important decision. They prefer up-to-date information and multiple options which could help them decide. Therefore, the mobile app ends users’ concerns by providing detailed data about the value, price, and cost of a real estate product on the go. It improves and enhances customers’ experience by providing ease and greater engagement with the industry.

Interactive Features

Mobile apps allow users to survey multiple interactive features according to their preferences. Users can view the property or a house through virtual tours, navigate the location or address via an inbuilt GPS, and communicate with the agent or company via live chat, video call, or email. The more property or a house looks good on the app, the more interested the client would become.

Notifications to Market New Projects

Real estate companies can keep track of the user’s interests who use their mobile apps. In that way, the company can direct notifications about new schemes and projects to prospective clients without them opening the app. Notifications about discounted prices, new properties on the market, and exclusive deals can gain clients’ attention, persuading them to purchase. Mobile apps are an efficient and quick way of marketing the company and its products.

Targets the Prospective Clients

The real estate apps provide the company with specific valuable client data, including location, demographics, interests, preferences, and budget. This helps the company to identify and target prospective clients with location-based, compelling, sale-driven messages. The real estate company can increase sales by targeting the right customer at the right time.

Maximize the Reach

Since everyone goes online these days, real estate apps can provide updated information on the go. This will help the company to increase market reach and acquire a larger pool of clients. App ratings, valuable customer feedback, and their comments on the app act as a company’s online resume and strong record track. This could further attract more potential clients maximizing the company’s reach.

Brand Awareness, Identity, and Promotion

Creative and unique real estate apps help build brand awareness and identity. An app with a simplified and easy search, consult, and buying process of a property makes the company stand out from the rest of the competitors. These apps can also promote the company via advertisements and notification alerts.

Exempt the Service/Process Charges

Many real estate apps provide the services of detailed information, property transaction, property verification, comparative analysis of properties, virtual tours, etc., with minimal or no cost at all. This makes the real estate experience very convenient and hassle-free for the clients, allowing them to make quick and wise decisions.

Increase in Sales

Real estate apps get millions of visits a month as they put massive real estate databases in the palm of the user. A real estate company can increase its sales in months with a distinctive plan and marketing strategy on the app. For example, real estate company Zillow had 9.6 billion visits to its apps and websites, generating an income of $3.33 billion in 2020 (Raeume, 2022).


The world has been digitally revolutionized and minimized the majority of the work done by human efforts. The real estate industry is a field where adopting the latest technology and trends is essential. With the rising popularity of mobile culture, real estate apps is the future of a lucrative and growing business in this industry. It will not only help the clients or agents but also benefit the stakeholders.

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