What Does Luxury Apartment Living Entail?

What does Luxury apartment living entail?

What is a Luxury Apartment?

Gone are the days when communities were limited to houses and shops. The urban population prefers to get the best of everything and wants to embrace the Live-Work-Play lifestyle. The ultimate aim of this lifestyle is to have communities with facilities, schools, amenities, workplaces and commercial centres, all in one place. A luxurious lifestyle is also an amenity that every individual aims to achieve in their life. The concept of luxurious living is not a new one. However, the development of luxury apartments has redefined city living as we know it. It can be defined as a high-end residential place with all the comfort you need within your reach, a work environment that inspires you to grow and world-class shopping centres, swimming and gym facilities and recreational activities.

Luxury apartments may cost more than usual, but that is because of the facilities they provide, which other apartments do not. Luxury apartments are usually larger and spacious with the latest décor and top-of-the-line appliances. They are private and secure with the best views of the city. Moreover, the amenities include on-site parking, fitness centres, infinity pools or large pools, rooftop beaches, restaurants, movie theatres, spas and many more. It is a complete package within one space. These days, buyers make more selective choices and redefine their ideas of what values mean to them. We are in a time where people value great experiences and luxurious living. Although some of the luxuries are considered necessities now, thus, people are more inclined toward investing in long-lasting items that provide ease of living and save time.

Why Should One Choose a Luxury Apartment?

Luxury has a different meaning for everyone. The growing demand for luxury apartments proves that people look for more than just walls when buying a home. Some of the characteristics of a luxury apartment are –

Premium Location

Luxury apartments are usually located in quiet yet central places. They are near prime and desirable locations with no other tall buildings nearby. Luxury apartments are generally the highest residential buildings. Hence they give the best views of the city, which automatically increases their price and value. The property is usually well-connected to schools, colleges, workplaces, hospitals or airports, saving transport time and making life easier. Location is perhaps the most important and attractive factor before looking for a luxury apartment.

Premium Location

Amenities and Facilities

Luxury apartments have top-notch facilities to provide maximum convenience to the residents. Some amenities inside the area are swimming pools, gymnasiums, electricity backups, dining areas/delis, coffee shops, theatres, and commercial shops. The residents do not have to go out unless necessary. Some more high-end facilities include security and surveillance, private spas, conference rooms and workspaces.

Amenities and facilities in apartment living

Safety and Security of the Residents

One of the most prominent characteristics of luxury apartments is round-the-clock security. The chances of theft or crimes are less as most people know each other, and there are automated systems to track every movement without disturbing the residents’ privacy. The vertical area is much easier to handle than a horizontal area. The system does not let unfamiliar vehicles enter the apartments, and the surveillance system allows the security guards to monitor any suspicious activity. Moreover, there are facilities like fire safety and emergency exits. Modern buildings are built keeping fire hazards or natural disasters like earthquakes in mind. The safety and security of luxury apartments attract the people even more so that it adds less to their worry.

Safety and security

The Extravagant and Luxurious layout

The exterior of the luxury apartment is as spectacular as its interior. These apartments have well-planned layouts, high-quality finishing, elegant décor and top-quality materials. Usually, the elite class go for luxury apartments and want them to be reflected in their homes. The apartments are designed to reflect a luxurious lifestyle with great aesthetics, grand entrances, and spacious areas with magnificent chandeliers.

Extravagant and luxurious layout

Top-of-the-Line Quality Appliances

Apartments are built with high-quality materials such as RCC Frame structure, earthquake resistance, vitrified tiling and floors etc. A luxurious condo usually has stone counters, hardwood or tile floors, and possibly treated steel or other non-white completed apparatuses.

Modern kitchen appliances

Deluxe Penthouses, Recreational Rooftops, Parking and Storage Space

Penthouses are considered one of the best features as they are thoughtfully designed on the highest floor with the best view. It usually has a private entrance and is much more spacious than other apartments. As it is on the highest floor, it is away from the chaos of the city, and the air quality is much better. Moreover, the direct sunlight makes the apartment pleasantly bright and allows proper ventilation. Some luxury apartments have recreational rooftops for activities like rooftop restaurants, beaches or infinity pools, open-air gyms, sitting areas or anything. Coming down to the parking, every resident has their own parking space and storage areas for extra stuff. Many houses do not have parking spaces, and cars have to park far, making theft easier. In addition, many places do not have extra storage space, which makes the occupants rent out rooms, adding more to their expenditures. Luxury apartments have enough storage spaces for all residents, making them more convenient and cutting their extra costs.

Parking space

Pros and Cons of Living in a Luxury Apartment

There are both pros and cons of a luxury apartment. Some of the pros are lots of amenities, facilities inside and outside in nearby places as well, larger and spacious living areas, a prominent and connected community for networking as well as socialising, proper maintenance done by the management of the luxury apartments, parking and storage, cleaning and services facilities, grand and luxurious lifestyle, top-notch quality appliances in kitchens and bathrooms, well-designed and modern layout and state of the art infrastructure.

Despite all the advantages of living in a luxury apartment, there are a few cons. The luxury apartments are expensive, and if one is seeking to rent, the rents are usually very high, even more than an independent house. Only the rich can afford it in the long term. There are stricter personalisation rules and long waiting lists as they are limited in number. Moreover, there is less privacy compared to a home which is independent and not connected to any other house.

Pros and cons of living in luxury apartment


Living in a luxury apartment is a dream for many people. They prefer the Live-work-play lifestyle these days, and luxury apartments complement their preference well. A luxury apartment contains many features that a regular apartment or a home does not have, making it special. It is premium living and changes the lifestyle of the residents towards a more modern side. However, it is not easy for most people to afford a costly apartment, and they can find good alternatives in the shape of houses. Thus, the trend of luxury apartments is still developing, and the residents’ views are changing.

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